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Saturday night dinner.
Bob Jasper didn't wear a name tag we were to guess
Nancy Sewell
Are you having fun MaryAnn?
Another alum--Robin
Isn't this an OHS teacher--Lori
This is for Hutch from the girls.
Raise your glasses high--Duane, Les.
Our validictorian.
Karleen brought pictures. Recognize anyone, Lin?
Read the name tag,
Kathy's mate, Alan.
Darcy is looking good.
Don't worry Beverly, no one is after your water.
Mr. Montgomery was there.
Robin. It was good to see you.
Kathy. A mover and shaker who made it all happen.
Don't try to hide behind your hand, Alice
A great smile from Elizabeth.
Deb and Linda, are we having fun yet? Yes!
Kim Jones
Corby looks like he was having a good time.
Linn Beeson
What are you laughing at Chris Manful?
He came from California--Mike
Janet looks like she is taking some time out.
Hi Dana Bruce
Chad, the Junior High teacher.
Another great smile. Ross Triplett
John Rhodes. Now that's a party shirt.
Arch Henderson.
Debbie Estenson -- with her granny glasses.
Karleen wasn't sloshed.
Janis Newman was a bit surprised by the camera.
Mark Deyo was a pleasure to be around.