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White-tail hunting
10/10/2005 The hollow tree
I had spooked two deer out from under this tree near the Taj Mahal before hunting season and expected to harvest a deer from here. I returned four times without seeing anything. The first time the area had a strong animal smell, similar to that of a blanket used by a dog for sleeping.
10/14/2004 Lyle and Alex
Hunting for white-tail near the Taj Mahal.
Federal 300 Win Mag Power-Shok
This cartridge uses the 180 grain Speer Hot-Cor Soft Point bullet.
Bullet tip
The soft lead tip should have expanded easily going an estimated 2450 fps (about Mach 2.2) as it hit the deer.
Empty shell casing of the killing cartridge
Dead deer
Exit wound. The spine was severed. The laser range finder gave the range as 255 yards. I shot it at 16:45, October 31th, 2005 on my parents property near Cavendish Idaho.
Entrance wound
Doug and I looked for a few seconds but couldn't find the entrance wound in the field with the skin still on the deer. After skinning it we found it.
Exit wound